Quiz-It: The ULTIMATE classroom battle - curriculum based trivia sessions

About Quiz-It

Forget the three Rs: get into some Q and A with Quiz-It! The Education Revolution is imminent, and Quiz-It is one step ahead of the Gillard-Train. We're here to help you turn the new curriculum into something fun and relevant for your kids.

students celebrate their success at Quiz-It classroom trivia Quiz-It is a great opportunity to get your students active and engaged with their curriculum in the classroom. Quiz-It combines year-level-appropriate subject matter with pop culture to produce an entertaining and educational trivia competition that will encourage teamwork amongst your students. Designed for Years 7 and 8, the quiz is an excellent way to gauge students' knowledge before a new area is explored, or to revise content that has already been taught.

Quiz-It engages and involves students, making them feel like a TV show has come to their school Quiz-It is fast-paced and incorporates a number of DVD games as well as verbal questions to keep students involved. A professionally trained, energetic Quiz Meister will come to your school to present the quiz in the location of your choice. Questions are presented along with upbeat music to create an exciting environment that will feel like a TV quiz show has arrived at your school!

Developed by experienced teachers and based on the current curriculum, Quiz-It is in line with the Victorian Education Learning Standards (VELS). Our educational aim is to creatively foster student learning and reinforce key concepts by providing a memorable experience full of competition and humour.

Trivia Subjects Presented

We cater for Level 5 in the following VELS domains: Mathematics, Science and - coming soon - English and The Humanities (including Geography and History)

To find out how Quiz-It can come to your school, head over to our Bookings page.
To read about our other trivia products, including school fundraising and corporate events, click on to the Quiz Meisters website.

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